Thank you for visiting the Sacred Omega website. Here you will find up to date information and some background to the project. Please let us know you called in and share your thoughts, if any.

It’s time to think seriously about our world, the bigger picture, not simply reducing the oil we use, what we fill the skies with or the creatures that are destined for extinction. The bigger picture is more holistic. Who is really in charge of your country? Who makes the decisions? Do these people, whoever they are, genuinely want to make your home country a better place to live, to make sure that no one lives in poverty and look after our home planet?

These are just some of the thoughts that occur to us and inspires Sacred Omega to create music as an expression of what we see. We’re going to provide a little detail on each of the tracks from the Prelude album (already available). We’re currently working on the next part of the project, called Covenant.

We are on Facebook and Soundcloud – use the links on this site or look for our logo.


2 Responses to Welcome

  1. LibrariLady says:

    Dig the mystery spy man meets the open road sound you’ve got goin on! Makes me wanna hit the two lane blacktop guys! Noice!

  2. Crista says:

    When are you going on tour?? Needs to be heard in person! Perfect touch with the acoustic guitar. :-)

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